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Arches Vacation Rentals Customer Story

Arches Vacation Rentals manages 80 rental properties. To remove stress, they needed a holistic cloud-based access control solution to help with remote management, access, and overall experience.

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Arches Vacation Rentals manages 80 locally-owned rental properties in Moab, UT. With only 16 employees and 11,000 reservations over a year and a half, Arches was looking for a solution to streamline its security and management to improve safety and ease operations.

By implementing Brivo Smart Home, Arches Vacation Rentals has been able to eliminate or optimize multiple tasks to simplify their property management operations and enhance the guest experience, including:

-Removing the need to cut keys by being able to issue and revoke access for guests remotely.
-Easily accommodating guests for early check-in.
-Not having to dispatch to units for lockouts and lost keys.