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First Presbyterian Church Eases Facility Management with the Cloud

First Presbyterian Church (FPC) integrated Brivo and eSPACE to alleviate the nuances of a manual lock and key access control system with a new cloud-based system. Allowing FPC to regain valuable time

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Mike Lauter is the Director of Operations at First Presbyterian Church in Douglasville, GA. First Presbyterian Church is a house of worship that connects with its members through in-person and virtual worship and offers different service types including contemporary and traditional.First Presbyterian started out on a lock and key

system that facilities staff had to manually lock and unlock doors, causing employees to

spend hours per week on tedious tasks. Through the support of their security partner, eSPACE was installed to integrate with the Brivo system to allow for:

  • Remote management of HVAC and access control duties

  • Easier management by staff

  • More focus on the ministry and the operational requirements of the growing chruch