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Mobile Access Finding A Home in Commercial Facilities

Mobile access control is not a fad and is disrupting the access control space. With the change in the workplace environment, employees view every element of the working experience as evidence of their

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The COVID pandemic continues to transform the workplace. With a more volatile job market, hybrid work on the rise, workers focusing on mental health, and many staff reluctant to commute to the office, management’s behavior, policies, and procedures are under heavy scrutiny.

Mobile access control solutions provide benefits for both staff and the organization, including:

  • Mobile access allows staff to register where and when they want; no need to come to the office

  • Mobile access gives staff privacy by only using biometrics they are comfortable using on their own phones

  • Mobile access gives staff convenience – changes in credentials are remote and seamless

  • No need to replace lost cards bringing down costs

  • Staff are much less likely to lose or lend their phone, which increases security

  • Multifactor authentication using biometrics adds security