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State of the Market Access Control Systems

Gain insights on distinguishing between premise-based and purpose-built secure cloud platforms.

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The increasing preference for cloud-based solutions is evident in our year-over-year surveys, as security professionals acknowledge the need for adaptable solutions to address the evolving demands of physical space management. Our survey regarding the current state of physical access control systems reveals that it’s critical to distinguish between typical premise-based access control systems, legacy software hosted on cloud servers and deployments whose every component has been purpose-built to constitute a highly secure cloud-based access control platform. In this report you’ll gain insights into:

  • Physical Access Control Evolution

  • The Current Access Control Deployment Landscape

  • Changing Business Trends and Facility Technology Landscapes

  • Access Control Upgrade Planning

  • User Expectations for Access Control System Modernization

  • Current State of Cloud-Based Physical Access Control Offerings

  • User Expectations for Access Control System Modernization

  • Assuring Maximum Return on Investment