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Create Your Brivo Mobile Pass Account

Eliminates the need for a Brivo Access Administrator to issue newmobile passes by saving your preferences to your own Brivo Mobile Pass account.

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Brivo has improved the Brivo Mobile Pass app experience by giving users the ability to connect their mobile pass experience to a valid email account. When a new account is created, all mobile passes, door favorites and app preferences, are associated with their new account and not their smartphone. When a user inevitably replaces a smartphone, for any reason, simply log in to the Brivo Mobile Pass app account from their new device and all mobile passes, door favorites and preferences are immediately restored. Creating a Brivo Mobile Pass account benefits both partners and end users by:

- Any time a user changed phones for any reason, they had to be issued a new mobile pass and their old mobile pass revoked

- When a BMP user creates a BMP account using a valid email, they are connecting their login credentials to their mobile passes, removing the partner from the process of issuing replacement mobile passes

- By enabling email login to verify a user’s account credentials, Brivo takes the onus off the Admin to respond to urgent requests to restore lost credentials

- BMP users with a valid account can easily transfer their Brivo Mobile Pass experience to a new device without assistance from a Brivo Access Admin

- With a valid BMP account you will not have to request a new mobile pass when you upgrade or lose your phone