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Mastering the Transformation of Technology in CRE

Continued improvements to CRE Tech and Proptech have lowered costs and increased efficiency. In this webinar with Bisnow featuring Lee Miller, Senior Director of Multifamily Sales at Brivo, discover how technology has play a role in enhancing workplace safety as workers renter the office as well as:

  • In what ways can proptech solutions help employers create a safer workplace environment for their employees?

  • What challenges are associated with implementing proptech in the workplace and how can they be addressed?

  • What steps can employers take to effectively integrate proptech solutions into their workplace operations and culture?

  • How is Proptech contributing to changes in the way office real estate is bought, sold, managed, and developed?

  • What are some of the key trends in proptech that are likely to impact the office real estate market in the coming years?

  • How can technology and data analytics be used to optimize real estate investments and operations?