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Smart Spaces: Unlocking the Future of Workplace Access And Amenities

This webinar explores the critical role of digital amenities in the workplace and how the adoption of cloud-based solutions is revolutionising the way employees enter and exist in their workspace.

Key Discussion Points:

  • How is access control helping to create a safe, efficient and inviting workplace environment?

  • As workplaces evolve, how do you ensure effective communication with end users to educate them about available amenities and upgrades, fostering a better utilization of these resources?

  • Maintaining an open line of communication with tenants is crucial. Can you share specific strategies or tools you use to actively gather and respond to tenant feedback regarding workplace amenities and security measures?

  • In what ways do amenities and security features contribute to the overall competitiveness of your office spaces, especially considering the unique challenges presented by the current office climate?

  • Data plays a significant role in optimising processes. How can data analytics be leveraged to enhance the efficiency and utilisation of workplace amenities, creating a more streamlined and user-friendly experience?

  • With the shift towards more flexible work arrangements, how is the nature of open spaces within offices evolving, and what impact does this have on employee collaboration and engagement?

  • With the ever-changing landscape of work, how do you incorporate future-proofing strategies into your workplace design? How do amenities and securitization allow you to be competitive in the current office climate?