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Customer Story Parkable and Ledger

Learn how Brivo technology partner Parkable created a convenient user experience for Ledger with integrations with Brivo solutions.

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Ledger, a modern, mixed-used destination workplace, demands a leading user experience. Compliments of a savvy technical integration between Parkable and Brivo, Ledger’s parking garage offers a seamless mobile user experience. Guests can book parking in advance and never hassle with swipe cards. In addition, the joint solution from Parkable and Brivo eases Ledger’s administrative burden and saves money. The Brivo comprehensive product suite includes:

  • Access control
  • Smart readers
  • Touchless mobile credentials
  • Occupancy monitoring
  • App integation
  • Health and safety features, integrated video surveillance, smart locks, and intercoms

Parkable utilized all these powerful security features to serve Ledger.