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The Enterprise Buyer’s Guide to Modernize your Facilities

Enterprises today face steep security challenges. Safeguarding assets is essential and must be done in a way that is consistent with corporate policies and risk profile.

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Most enterprises harness a range of systems, devices, and applications that they must then integrate with other applications and processes. Designing a system that embraces a sophisticated, multi-layered security approach is paramount.Smart technology and inexpensive components have turbocharged access control systems. But a successful access control solution is more than the sum of its parts. Consider these key principles when choosing and designing access control:

  • Security – Different areas may need different types of access control

  • Integration – Connecting systems improves workflow and investigations

  • Scalability – The platform you select should scale to meet growth and changes

  • Requirements – Systems should adhere to state, local, federal, and international regulations. (e.g., General Data Protection Regulation)

  • Optics – Effective access control sends a strong message, lets staff, clients, and visitors know you care about their safety and lets adversaries know that they should look elsewhere