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How AEC is Embedding Security into Building Design

The AEC Revolution: Embedding Security into the Design Process. How Security by Design is Transforming Building, with safety at the forefront of priorities. Designing for the Future. Learn firsthand from professional experts their recommendations on the matter, their advice on how to keep ahead of AI, and how it benefits the proptech industry.


Shifting Priorities in Building Design: Explore how security concerns have risen in importance within the AEC industry compared to a decade ago.

The Rise of Integrated Security: Gain insights into current industry trends toward incorporating security seamlessly within building design.

Balancing Security & Sustainability: Learn how customer-centric design is driving the demand for solutions that prioritize both security and sustainability.

Best Practices for Design-Phase Security Integration: Uncover practical strategies for architects and engineers to effectively integrate security measures at the design stage, optimizing building functionality and resident experience.