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How to Craft a Welcoming Security Experience

Workers don’t always feel welcome back into the office for many reasons that negatively impact the way they perceive the office experience including the fact that office security is often still stuck with legacy technology and a pre-pandemic mindset. In order to create a more enjoyable and welcoming environment for workers, building owners, and operators are finding ways to integrate new tech and retrain staff in a way that is not only easy for the workers but is welcoming—without sacrificing safety. In this in-depth conversation learn about what the problem areas are for typical offices when it comes to their user experience and how to create a tech stack that can address those problems.

This webinar will answer important questions such as:

  • What are the best ways to understand and address what employees want and need from their office experience?
  • What technologies can building owners and operators adopt in order to create a more welcoming experience?
  • How can those systems be integrated in a way that makes them easier to use for both office workers and building staff?
  • What skills do building employees need to learn in this new, more welcoming, office environment?